About Us

Thousands of products roll on Freeway Bearings. It's a world on wheels and Freeway helps to keep it turning smoothly with our commercial grade, semi-precision ball bearings. 


Our Bearings-

Freeway Bearings are a vital component in a wide variety of wheeled goods, such as wheelchairs, carts, outdoor power equipment and garage doors, as well as other equipment such as air dampeners and louvers and even glider furniture where low to medium loads and speeds are encountered. Freeway Bearings are proudly engineered in the United States of America. 

Our Commitment to Innovation- 

Consistently looking for a better way to better results has led to many of Freeway Bearing advancements, such as the ASF bearing series. It began with a search for a better ball track and an economical way to assemble a unitized bearing with a full complement of balls, and it now has become an industry standard, utilized world wide. However, Freeway does not rest on past accomplishments. An on-going R & D program involves the running of bearings under load on Freeway designed test stands, as well as constantly evaluating new manufacturing technologies, new warehousing techniques as well as new geometry and new materials. 

Our Commitment to Quality- 

Methods of quality control have taken on new names and dictate strict procedures. What hasn't changed is the leadership and support Freeway provides for its employees that has always kept Freeway's quality high. Freeway is committed to the education of its employees that is required to consistently produce high quality products. 

Our Commitment to You- 

Customer service begins with customer awareness by every Freeway employee. A good understanding of your business, your products and its purpose, as well as the performance that is expected from the bearings is what Freeway ultimately strives for. 

Freeway Bearings has built its reputation by manufacturing the highest quality products at the lowest possible price. With that in mind, Freeway always reminds their customers of one simple message: Freeway makes the best bearings, don't accept any imitations.  


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Freeway Bearings 

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